Monday, June 5, 2017

Key Information

A summary of some useful, key information:

The workshop is designed to get us to work together on the emerging relationship of personal data and the built environment. We will spend the minimum amount of time presenting to each other, and most of the time working on a shared design exploration.

Could you please prepare a short (2-4 mins) Powerpoint presentation to introduce yourself and the key take away message from your paper. No more than two slides, please. Please send these to me by Friday 9th of June lunch time, so that we can merge them into one presentation.

As mentioned in the call, we will prepare a compendium of accepted contributions and share those with you before the workshop.

Workshops are being held at The Glass Room - Edinburgh Napier University (Not at the main conference venue). Details can be found here: 

Tea/coffee breaks and the lunch break are provided for by the venue. Could you please let us have any dietary requirements? I will pass them on, while I don’t know yet how much influence we have on what is being served.

We are planning to collect generated material and do some audio/video recording during the workshop. This is covered by UoN Ethics and full details will be available at the start of the workshop. People are free to choose not to participate in the evaluation and still take part in the workshop fully.

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