Monday, June 5, 2017

Preliminary Workshop Programme

This is the preliminary workshop programme for our session on Saturday 10th June

9:00 Welcome tea and coffee
9:15 Welcome address
Introduction to the workshop topic by the organizers and the schedule for the day.
9:30 Participant presentations
These presentations are designed for people to introduce themselves and their paper, 2-4 minutes each.
10:30 Tea and Coffee Break
10:45 Design Session 1 – Devices, Places and Systems
In groups: Developing new user experiences around IoT devices in specific settings
12:00 Lunch 
13:00 Group Feedback
Groups briefly feed back on their designs to the full workshop.
13:30 Design Session 2 – People and Fictions
Deepen the designs drawing on feedback and additional challenges
15:30 Tea and Coffee Break
15:45 Group Feedback
Groups present final designs
16:15 Concluding discussion and future plans
17:00 Close

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