Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Lucy The Cat

Design fiction created by  Graham Dove and Antti Jylha

Sheherazade is visiting Edinburgh Council to renew her licence for showing her cat Lucy. She does this every year. Lucy is a super valuable Persian and to show her, Sheherazade must validate who she is regularly. Sheherazade is 74 years young and super proud of Lucy, who has been a part of her life for seven years now. Lucy is purring softly and Sheherazade is smiling.  As she enters the courtyard lobby of the council's new buildings and approaches one of the Sound Umbrellas, she is approached by one of the helpers who says, "Hi, I'm Gary how can I help you today?"

Sheherazade is feeling confident and replies, "It's OK I want a more personal experience, so I won't be needing you today." She walks towards one of the Sound Umbrella bubbles and it drops down to adjust its screen, speakers and sensors to fit Sheherazade and Lucy. This makes her super comfortable because she feels that the system has responded to her and has made the effort to adjust itself and accommodate her needs. "What can I do to help you?" the softly reassuring voice asks? "I've come to register Lucy for shows", she replies. The Sound Umbrella's camera see's the cat and guesses that this is Lucy. A paw-print reader emerges at cat level. Lucy places her paw on the reader.

Sheherazade is watching the Sound Umbrella's screen and sees the photo of Lucy as a kitten that was taken when her birth was registered. Sheherazade feels warm and protective, and cries a little as she remembers how cute Lucy was at that age. The Sound Umbrella then shows Sheherazade a history of the previous times she has brought Lucy for her license renewals – each time there is a photo and listing of the shows she has attended and the prizes she has won. To Sheherazade this is the most valuable service her council provides. She is super happy and smiles inside and out. The Sound Umbrella asks Sheherazade if all the data is correct, and she ponders for a moment or two before saying, "Yes".

Of course it was correct she thinks, it always is!

The Sound Umbrella thanks Sheherazade and asks her if she would like to go through to the cat counselor to have this years photo's taken and license issued. She takes one last look through the previous years' photos and says, "Yes". The directional paw-prints showing Sheherazade and Lucy the way to go light up in front of them.

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